BELLE -From Foster to Adoption

The Fosterer’s Story

I remember the day I got the call very clearly

"Hi Jenna, we have a little girl that needs your help, she's only 7 months old, good with other dogs, has lived with children" no problem I said send her here "hang on" I was told "she's also deaf".


I'm not going to lie I wasn't sure I'd never looked after or trained a deaf dog before and was concern what if I got it wrong or couldn't cope. I was reassured that I would do just fine and without even realising I was already using hand signals with one of my boys for agility, so I agreed we would foster her.


Well Ren arrived like a whirl wind of energy and love, surprising she was very easy to train and even more easy to love and this little girl taught me far more then I could have ever taught her. Thing is Ren didn't know she was deaf to her it was normal she'd never know any different and she loved life and lived it to its fullest.

We came to the end of Ren’s assessment period and it was time to let my little live wire run free. A wonderful family wanted to adopt her who have lots of experience with deaf dogs and dogs that have some quirks and issues, so I knew she was going to be just fine although I did shed some tears. Seeing the photos of her living her happy ever after is the most wonderful thing.  This is why I foster.


I am human, I do get attached and cry but I also know that there's someone who can give more than I can. I was once told that a foster is a stepping stone and that is completely true and I hope to continue to foster for a long time to come.

Belle’s Foster Mum, Jenna

The Adopter’s story:

As I write, I cannot believe that we have had our pretty, clever, super quick and bossy little lady since January.  Being deaf is certainly no hindrance to her day and she is such a happy little dog with big ideas (and a big mouth with no silencer). She picked up sign language very quickly, started by her super FM who did a terrific early doors job with her.  She quickly settled into our home, clipping Taeko’s wings - he is truly in love .  Sam (the old deaf fella) tolerates her, but he is a bit grumpy!  Belle cannot function without Taeko, he is her guide and they certainly come as a pair.  She is due at the vets to be spayed soon, not sure what the hand sign is for that.  She continues to grow and mature into an extremely loving little dog who loves walks, balls, camping and the occasional chew of a shoe or settee!  She doesn’t know it yet, but we may try her with fly ball later this year or next as she is so light and quick.  We have the perfect Collie family.  Adopting is definitely the most rewarding thing that we have ever done and we will continue to do while ever we are able to do.

Belle’s Mum & Dad