Our Sponsors


Two Blue Dogs

A special thanks to Emma and Two Blue Dogs an artist inspired by Sheepdogs and Scotland.

Who has supported us by gifting artwork for our raffle.


Fleece Dog Harnesses

We are a small business run by myself, my husband, several other highly committed people in our team and our own eDog Dougie, our Westie who features on our site. His job involves a great deal of product testing, and as a result he has a mass of dog harnesses, collars, dog toys and is a very lucky boy! He does some product testing and also gets other doggie friends (bigger dogs) like his girlfriends Maya and Sephi to try out and model some of the bigger sizes.


Fast Labels

A massive thank you to fast labels for donating banners and stickers to us.

With high-resolution printing, rapid turnaround, free next-day delivery and any shape, size or finish, you’ll have digitally printed labels which tick every box for some of the UK’s lowest prices. Your order will even come with a re-print or refund quality guarantee for complete peace of mind. https://www.fastlabels.co.uk/


Gelli Kennels

This website is sponsored by Gelli kennels & Cattery