Can you help an ex farm-dog?

We often get asked to take-in ex farm dogs. These can be puppies from unwanted litters, or failed working dogs, or retired working dogs. People often think that it’s impossible to integrate these dogs into homes after them spending their early days on farms. PPBC have had a number of ex farm dogs who have successfully transitioned from being ‘outside dogs’ to ‘inside dogs’. All they needed was a little time and patience. These dogs often have so much love to give and want nothing more than TLC in return.

Perhaps you have a secure outside space, or even a little extra time and patience to help an ex farm-dog find its forever sofa! PPBC Mari, PPBC Belle and PPBC Bess could be your perfect match.

If you think you could help, email us at

Even if none of the dogs we currently have are perfect for you, you can apply to begin the application process. Once you have applied, have had a home check and have been approved, you will be ready for your perfect dog, once he or she come along.

PPBC’s priority is to match dogs and adopters. Please remember that we get asked to take in dogs on a daily basis, so your forever friend, could be out there waiting for you to come along!