MISTY - A fosterer's story. Why I choose to foster.

I'm often asked why I foster and how I can let the dogs go after they have spent time living with us. Well misty is just one of the reasons why.


Misty came to us at 5 years of age, she had had very little socialisation, no training and a massive fear of men and being groomed. I knew from day one that misty was not going to be a quick fix and that she needed me to bond very strongly with her for her to be able to heal and trust.


With baby steps, good days and bad days we began to see progress she was becoming more affectionate and instigating cuddles. After just 2 weeks with us misty was allowing me to brush her previously she air snapped at the sight of a brush, within just 7 weeks I had misty in the bath and fully relaxed with be  groomed. Her fear of men will probably always be there as who knows what has happened to her previously but by living with me my husband our 2 girls and our 3 border collies, Misty learnt that life was good and could be fun. Letting misty go was very hard as I had bonded with her; however in my heart, I knew that her forever family could offer her far more time and dedication then I could and I had done my job. She had learnt to love and trust; it was now time for her to learn to live life to the max.

Misty’s Foster Mummy, Jenna