An adopter's testimonial.

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Taeko (or Turbo as he was known to PPBC) came to our attention when we stumbled across PPBC website.  We were on the hunt for a younger male for our two older Collies after losing Rocky, the previous year.  We made contact with the charity and very quickly admin arranged a home check and linked us up with Taeko’s foster mum.  The home check was thorough and took a good hour - checking the house, garden, how we would introduce a new dog to our other dogs, etc.  His FM was extremely knowledgeable of Taeko, knowing his intricacies and passing them onto us so we knew exactly what we would be taking on if approved.  It was a happy day when got the go ahead and signed the adoption agreement. Which didn’t take long at all.  We were still classed as fosterers for the first 4 weeks and were assured that the charity would take him back if things didn’t work out.    It did work out and we paid the fee after the 4 weeks were up. 


The charity and FM were there for us and the FB site has been invaluable as a source of information and help when we have needed it.  Plus we have hopefully helped others.  Belle’s adoption went just as smoothly as Taeko’s.  I am not sure that we could foster as do a lot of the other great people in the charity (so glad that they do) but adopting certainly works for us as we have (so far) ended up with two great Collies!

Dave & Sarah