Tipper tells a very typical tale, in the world of Border Colle rescue. 

Bred by a reputable breeder in the NE, Tipper’s Mummy was a pet collie and his Daddy was an ISDS registered working dog.  Tipper was bought as a pup and by the time he was 7 months old, he’d grown, and grown and had become livelier and livelier! (Those naughty spots have a lot to be responsible for!)His owners realised that they could no longer provide him with what he needed to flourish so made the sad decision to contact PPBC. A foster (and ultimately, ‘adoptive’) home was found and like a little whirlwind, Tipper arrived to start his happy ever after.  Tipper is now four.  He lives with another PPBC dog ‘PPBC Willow’ (known as Milo).  He has been the foster brother to a number of PPBC dogs who have been in temporary foster with his family, prior to finding their forever home.  Tipper does dog agility (which he is much better at than his human mum!). He is the very best of foster brothers or ‘FB’ as he teaches the new dogs to play and helps them to learn about doggy-behaviour.  Tipper is also the very best of  friends to his 2 year old human brother; he is kind and fun and the sort of dog every little boy should have!