I saw the picture of DeeDee on the main page on fb and just fell in love with her.   It never occurred to me not to have a deaf dog as my friend had one.   I was so excited and went out and got lots of new toys and a bed etc for her.  I didn't sleep a wink that night. 

When her fosterer pulled up I was straight out the gate to see her and she was so beautiful;  Better than her picture.   For the first week we had lots of stress related problems but they have virtually gone.   She loves digging and my lovely garden will never be the same as it was before she came into my life.      I have done lots of training with her and we have both learnt to use the hand signals for her command.   She has now turned in to the most loving dog and I wouldn't be with out her in my life.  

If anyone is worried about rescuing a deaf dog please don't be it's a great and rewarding journey that you make together.