Meet Gus a 2 1/2 year old working dog,

Gus does have a lot of natural ability in that he will gather a flock in a large field quietly, at a good pace without doing any damage and will call off without too much persuasion. He is trained on sheep to a basic level and thoroughly enjoys working them, he wants to work and would be a useful dog for someone with the patience to settle him in.

His faults are that he isn't a good listener, often runs out too wide 'in orbit' and won't always stop on command. His new owner would have to be quite patient at first and continue his training but it would reap rewards and that he would eventually become a great one-to-one companion.

Gus is good with other dogs and likes to play. With humans he is friendly and affectionate. He will though, chase cats if given the chance!

If you think you can offer the very special home that Gus needs, please email