This stunning girl came in to PPBC in July 2017. There has been some interest in this lovely girl but is still with us as she will need a rather specific home.  She has been to puppy classes and the trainer suggested she was a ‘trainer’s dog’.  Fun, feisty and quick to learn, Adara would excel if given a job.  She soaks training up like a sponge and would be great at obedience, heel work to music or trick training. She is high-wired so Agility and Flyball would send her off the scale, but with a job that suited her, consistent input and understanding, she’d have the opportunity to blossom into the super girl she is. 


Adara isn’t driven by toys but will show interest in them if one of the other dogs has one. She will then get excited and exhibit herding behaviours with the other dogs.  In short, she needs a job and would love to have some focus so she can flourish. Unfortunately, she does suffer with car sickness so a busy, competitive home wouldn't suit her.  A quieter, more static life with a calm environment but with plenty of mental stimulation would be ideal.  Adara would love her very own person with a passion for a quick collie-mind.