16/8/18 BOBO

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Hi there.  My name is Bobo, or 'Bo'.  

Here's what I think you might like to know about me:
My good points are - I don't have food aggression, nor do I have toy aggression.  I don't guard resources so have no issues with other dogs going near my bed or anything else for that matter! I don't have any issues with traffic...I don't chase cars, I walk nicely on the lead...and I travel well. My Foster Mum says I have excellent food manners. I am OK with cats but can stalk; I am only a youngster so if a dog-savvy cat were to tell me off, I'd get the message! I love to learn new things and I'm quick to learn. I will be a loyal companion to my special human(s).

What are my needs?
I am really lacking in confidence when it comes to people I don't know. I have a huge distrust of strangers... especially those coming to the house. I am active, young and would be ideally suited to a quiet, rural home where I can relax in peace & quiet. Due to my previous experiences, if I were to have neighbours, I would run around the garden in self preservation mode. For this reason, I would need to be in a home where people weren't walking past for me to see or hear; a rural home would make me much happier and help me to become more confident.

My Foster Mum says I'm not hard to manage... I just need understanding, protecting and plenty of patience. If I'm around people... Or likely to meet them, I need to be put on a lead. If anyone visits the house, I would need to be put somewhere quiet, where I feel safe (like when my FM places me in the utility room, while I'm here, in my foster home).

In return for understanding and a sympathetic approach, and once you have gained my trust, I will be the most loyal companion. I have a lot of love and loyalty to give to my forever person!

Bo x