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At 2 years 11 months Misty would need an experienced home and can be wary with strange men. She will play with other dogs if she gets on with them. Can pull on lead. She is not good with cats. Doesn’t like her back end been touched


Tim is 3 years 11 months old. He is looking for a new home where he hopes to become a brilliant sheepdog! He has been enjoying trying to round up pigs at his foster home, as well as going out for walks with his foster sister. He is very affectionate and very intelligent like all good Border Collies. He loves treats and trying to snuggle up on chairs with his Foster Mummy!


Sally is 2 years 4 months, She is a lovely dog but she needs an understanding home, maybe with experienced owners.


Noah is 3 years 10 months. He is house trained and will pace when he needs to go out. Dog friendly, good in traffic. He is an unknown quantity not having lived with children but when met outside was okay.


Jess is a lovely little girl, just learning her name and to sit, chained in a barn so everything is new to her needs understanding owner but she will make a lovely dog.

Bracken A

Bracken is 12yr old neutered male, not good with cats but described as good with children, but he plays roughly so maybe be better with older children. He's a lovely dog that has so much to give and just wants a home that he can belong in and be part of.

Please contact Admin for more information

Bleu and Logan

Bleu and Logan are both approximately 2 1/2 years old, both neutered and have lived together since puppies, they sadly have recently lost their owner and are coming into the care of PPBC emergency boarding, they have not lived with cats or children, however they have had teenagers visiting since pups. They need a foster home together, preferably a view to adopt one, please contact Admin for further details.


I'm 9 months and I’ve only been with my new Foster mum and gran a few weeks but settled in so well I am now doing the toilet outside and I am really good on the lead now. I sit before I cross the road and I've just learned what paw means and I get a yummy treat every time ! I've still got loads to learn but my foster mummy and granny will help along the way. I also love my cuddles and kisses I can't get enough off them and my mum is happy to oblige in giving them !

Alfie G

I'm a 1 year old tri coloured neutered male. I am a typical boy, and quite dominant. Once I trust you, I will be soooo loving and loyal to you !

I'm unpredictable around young children and I'm not good with unknown dogs. I love to chase cats and heard livestock.

I would love to be a sheep dog, but tracking or obedience would keep me busy. My ball is my favourite toy but I don't like giving it back. I'm good in cars


3 years 3 months old neutered Male. Fantastic with children of all ages, good with dogs, excited by livestock, horses and small furries but improving. Doesn't like getting into the car but travels well. Very affectionate !

Would love a home where he could snuggle up on the sofa, lots of nice walks (with not too much traffic as large vehicles still aren't his favourite thing) and a doggy playmate would be nice !


Hello ! I'm 6 year old boy and came into Foster through unfortunate circumstances so I would love a human or 2 to worship ! I get on well with other dogs but I love people best and I would be an awesome companion. I'm good in traffic and in the car, I'm better walked on a body harness and I need reminding not to pull. I have a high chase drive around livestock but if you ask me not too and keep me in check....I'm a good boy and my current Foster home is a smallholding with lots of animals so I'm getting lots better !

My Foster mum says I'm a lovely boy....


My foster mum and dad think I'm lovely. I'm 4 years old and love cuddles. On the other hand I like chasing squirrels and trying to steal food. Hey ! Everyone has to have a hobby !

I think my foster mum and dad want to keep me.....


When I first went to my foster mum and dad, I was a little (well a lot) out of control. I could not stand the sight of another dog even if it was half a mile away, and I would chase cars, and run in circles and spin.

Well, look at me now, no more car chasing, no more spinning. I learned to like training and even making friends.

I'm a 2 1/2 year old girl, really good with people and even children. I love to please my mum and dad, and like to learn new things all the time and to be around people most of the time. I don't really like walking on the road, not happy about cars, they scare me, but I can now cope with them. The only time I like cars is when I'm in one and travel really well. I'm good on boats to !


Rodney is coming up to 3 years old, he is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He loves to be around you and loves human attention. He is currently living with other dogs and seems to socialise well. Rodney may possibly chase cats. He is a lovely looking dog and is looking for someone to give him a special home that he can become part of.

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Lucky S

Lucky is 3 and a half years old and such a lovely looking dog ! He can live with other dogs but not with cats. He is such an affectionate lad and just wants someone to give him the love and attention he so much deserves. If you think that you could be that special person to give Lucky a home that he can feel safe and loved in, then follow the contact directions on this page.

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