Collies Being Assessed


Floss is 2 years 11 months house trained, lived with cats so is cat friendly, sometimes chases the lawnmower but not cars ! Hasn’t lived with children but has been around and not comfortable with younger children, Dog friendly.


Deedee is a 1year old deaf blue Merle border collie. She is vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped. She's not great with children Deedee is trained with hand signals but in busy environment she tends to ignore or is unable to concentrate on what is going on.

Deedee needs a human companion who can give her one to one attention. She'd make someone's best friend. Deedee can be snappy with other dogs especially if they approach her from behind. This is a deafness trait. She's not great with cats, she like to chase !


Thomas is 2 years 1 month, He's a friendly dog and is still being assessed.

Max J

Max is 2 years 6 months red white, new to foster home and still being assessed.

Lucky G

5 years 8 months, Lucky has only been in foster a few weeks still being assessed. He is tolerant of children and will remove himself when he's had enough. He is crate trained and house trained.


Zeus is 6 months, he is a really lovely dog obedient and eager to please.


Sally W has just entered into the rescue. She is 15 months old, deaf and currently under assessment.

Skye NR

Skye is 8 years old and she is currently in foster under assessment.

Ricky F

Ricky is 9 months old and undergoing assessment.

Pip R

Pip is 5 years old ex farm dog. She is currently under assessment.


Lola is a 9 month old Sprollie who is under assessment


Meet Chase (9 months) who is new into the PPBC family and is being assessed in his foster home.

Bonnie F

Bonnie is 11 years old and is under assessment

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