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Fleece Dog Harnesses

We are a small business run by myself, my husband, several other highly committed people in our team and our own eDog Dougie, our Westie who features on our site. His job involves a great deal of product testing, and as a result he has a mass of dog harnesses, collars, dog toys and is a very lucky boy! He does some product testing and also gets other doggie friends (bigger dogs) like his girlfriends Maya and Sephi to try out and model some of the bigger sizes.

My other half looks after the manufacturing of our own eDog fleece harnesses, collars and leads, and he takes most of the product photos, which he enjoys. He also deals with any technical issues of our website (boring).

I work on the product designs and sourcing quality products and materials in the UK and importing bestsellers from the US. I also look after the customer service, which I enjoy most. I take care of our website visually, writing the content and ensuring it’s a good place to visit!

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